A Conversation and Music (w/Rick, Peter and Jeff of Goose)

Today we’re bringing you “A Conversation and Music”—a show we held this past weekend at Garcia’s, featuring Rick Mitarotonda, Peter Anspach and Jeff Arevalo of Goose and Orebolo. The show was hosted by Tom Marshall and RJ Bee of Osiris Media. The song and discussion timings are below. We hope you enjoy, and thanks for tuning in.

0:00-8:15 — Intro conversation8:15-22:45 — Silver Rising / Honeybee22:45-41:20 — Discussion 41:20-57:40 — Dripfield / Thatch57:40-1:16:40 — Discussion1:16:40-End —Meat / This Old Sea

Note: We had an audio recording issue, so the last 20 minutes of the recording are from a backup source. Thanks for understanding.

This live show, and The Drop, are brought to you by Osiris Media.