Zibby Owens


Author and podcaster Zibby Owens joins Rhett from her home in New York City to talk about her uninhibited creative process, her detailed approach to research and the importance of trying new things. Libby explains the genesis of “Moms Don’t Have Time To…” and why you will probably have to invent your dream job. 

Zibby Owens is the creator and host of the award-winning podcast Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books. Zibby, named “NYC’s Most Powerful Book-fluencer” by New York Magazine’s Vulture, conducts warm, inquisitive conversations with authors, making her show a top literary podcast as selected by Oprah.com in 2019 and 2020. She also created the Moms Don’t Have Time to Lose Weight community and hosts the accompanying podcast. Zibby is the Editor-in-Chief of Moms Don’t Have Time to Write, a Medium.com publication.


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