Sam Quartin


Sam Quartin is an actor, activist, and frontwoman for the Bobby Lees, which she founded after discovering her future bandmates at a music school in upstate New York. Sam tells Rhett about the impact that Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way had on her life, discusses her process for boosting self-confidence, and explains why she’s opted out of having a digital profile.


A band that proves it pays to think young, the Bobby Lees are a frantic garage punk act from Woodstock, New York, whose sound is fast, fresh, energetic, and filled with a snotty sense of fun. Boasting a revved-up attitude and a level of precision that matches the tempos without making them sound stiff, the Bobby Lees made a bracing debut on their 2018 album Beauty Pageant. They got tighter, speedier, and rowdier on 2020’s Skin Suit, produced by Jon Spencer, and they developed a more polished but no less powerful approach for their third LP, 2022’s Bellevue.


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