Ryan Cronin and Saliou Diop


New York-based visual artist Ryan Cronin joins Rhett from Tambacounda, Senegal, where he is developing a collaboration with Tambacounda-based artist Saliou Diop. Ryan discusses how he got started as an artist, the creative process behind his work, and why a combination of patience and persistence leads to success. Later in the episode, Rhett is joined by Saliou Diop and his translator, who discuss Saliou’s creative approach and how a strong belief in the work helps him navigate any obstacles.


When people look at his work Cronin wants them to feel an immediate impact, even if they’re not sure what hit them. The raw, almost childlike appearance of his work belies his reflective underlying vision. He delights in unexpected or enigmatic juxtapositions in terms of both theme and placement and often brings a sense of humor to bear on troubling contemporary issues. This sensibility, combined with quick, instinctive brushstrokes and a vibrant palette, result in striking images that can simultaneously disturb and entertain.


Learn more about Ryan Cronin here and more about Saliou Diop here. The organization they are working with in Senegal is Le Korsa.


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