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Lucinda Williams, one of the most celebrated singer-songwriters of her generation, joins Rhett to talk about writing her memoir, the moment she realized she wanted to write music, and learning to understand the difference between songwriting and poetry. Lucinda recalls some of the first songs she wrote and goes into depth about her songwriting process, using a song that she’s currently working on as an example. She shares an important piece of advice that her dad gave her, and explains why digging deep is the key to songwriting.

Lucinda Williams’ music has gotten her through her darkest days. It’s been that way since growing up amid family chaos in the Deep South, as she recounts in her candid new memoir, Don’t Tell Anybody the Secrets I Told You (a NY Times Top 5 Best Seller). Over the past two years, it’s been the force driving her recovery from a debilitating stroke she suffered on November 17, 2020, at age 67. Her masterful, multi-Grammy-winning songwriting has never deserted her. To wit, her stunning, sixteenth studio album, Stories from a Rock n Roll Heart, brims over with some of the best work of her career. And though Williams can no longer play her beloved guitar – a constant companion since age 12 – her distinctive vocals sound better than ever. The past year has seen Williams honored by BMI for her songwriting, her induction into the Austin City Limits Hall of Fame, and a Grammy Week tribute at the Troubadour, with her songs performed by a diversity of Americana artists. Lucinda will be touring the U.S. in January – February 2024.

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