Best of Wheels Off: Ashley Longshore


This week, we’re revisiting an episode with one of our favorite guests from 2021: New Orleans-based artist Ashley Longshore. Ashley recently created the album artwork for Rhett’s forthcoming solo record, The Misfit (used here in the episode graphic). The album drops on September 16, which makes it a perfect time to revisit Ashley’s brilliant creative spirit.


Pre-order Rhett’s new album, The Misfit, here.


“You could decide to start a creative journey or find yourself when you’re sixty years old. I think that really happens when you decide you’re going to be your own best friend and your own biggest cheerleader.” – Ashley Longshore


Pop artist Ashley Longshore joins Rhett in this episode to talk about growing up in Alabama, discovering her path and how she approaches the business side of being an artist. Ashley and Rhett talk about the things that inspire their work, and how to handle the fear and anxiety that comes with living a creative life.


Ashley Longshore is a New Orleans-based, self taught artist. She has built an empire in the art world and challenges the traditional business model of art galleries. As a powerhouse artist and pioneer in social media marketing, she has exploded into a global brand and uses her platform to encourage positivity and authenticity. Longshore aspires to “Have a career like Andy Warhol and leave a legacy like Peggy Guggenheim.”


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