Ben Schneider

In this episode, Ben Schneider, guitarist and singer for the critically acclaimed indie band Lord Huron, joins Rhett from his studio in Los Angeles. Ben tells Rhett about the early days of his career and the moment he realized that he wanted to play in a band. He explains why living in Los Angeles helps him push through creative obstacles, the impact that nature has on his writing, and the importance of collaboration in his creative endeavors.


Lord Huron broke out in 2015 with their hit song “The Night We Met,” which has been streamed over 700 million times. Their intimate take on indie-folk borrows influences from lap steel-laced desert-country, while retaining a modern sound that’s well ahead of the curve. Ben Schneider is at the helm of their efforts, providing authentic and rich textures in his singing and guitar playing. Their latest album “Long Lost”, is available now.


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