Adam Weiner

Rhett welcomes Adam Weiner, the driving force behind Low Cut Connie, for a conversation about the creative projects he’s been working on, the early days of his career, and what prompted him to start his own record label. Adam tells Rhett about the lessons he learned from having a theater background, emphasizes the need for artists to create their own opportunities, and explains why honing one’s craft is essential for success.

Low Cut Connie has become the alter ego for frontman, pianist, and songwriter Adam Weiner, the band’s only constant member since its formation. Beginning as an impromptu recording session in 2010, Low Cut Connie gradually evolved into a vehicle for Weiner’s songwriting and his distinctive onstage persona. The band has earned praise for its high-energy live performances, which Los Angeles Weekly described as “unmatched in all of rock right now.” NPR Music describes Weiner as “masterfully fluent in the foundational languages of Western pop.” 

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