070: Jenny Turner Hall

In this episode, award-winning writer/director Jenny Turner Hall joins Rhett from her home in Maplewood, NJ to talk about the creative projects she’s working on, including a scripted series inspired by New York’s infamous Brill Building. Jenny tells Rhett about growing up in a family of storytellers, why she prefers collaboration, and that time she ran an artist’s speakeasy out of her basement. Jenny and Rhett reminisce about being a young creative in New York City and Jenny reads a letter that she wrote to her 21-year old self. 

Jenny Turner Hall is a Peabody Award Winner and a Writer/Director at the forefront of multi-platform storytelling. She has projects in film, television, podcasting, immersive theater, and fiction. With her friend Marcy Thompson, Jenny writes and produces for STUDIO B, a home for experimental theater, live performance, and hybrid art. 

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