Episode 89: Station Eleven, Part One

In this episode, Welcome To The Party Pal celebrates Station Eleven, the post-apocalyptic fiction limited series created by Patrick Somerville based on the 2014 novel of the same name by Emily St. John Mandel. A post-apocalyptic saga spanning multiple timelines, Station Eleven tells the stories of survivors of a devastating flu as they attempt to rebuild and reimagine the world anew while holding on to the best of what’s been lost. Throughout this episode host Michael Shields, with the help of author, speaker, teacher and radio host River Jordan, explore the weighty themes present in Station Eleven (#SurvivalIsInsufficient) while conversing upon the unique and intimate scope of the series. They discuss the triumphant and impactful musical moments sprinkled throughout the ten episode arc, the brilliance of the interconnected web of characters that Station Eleven presents, and, ultimately, celebrate a series that shines a light on how cathartic and import art is, even in the most bleak of times.

River Jordan is an author, speaker, teacher and radio host. As a southerner with a global perspective she is a passionate advocate for the power of story. River’s writing career began as a playwright and she spent over ten years writing and directing. She is the best-selling author of four novels and a three spiritual memoirs. For over fifteen years River Jordan has hosted Clearstory Radio on WRFN 107.1fm from Nashville and she is the host of three podcasts, Saints In Limbo, Wish You Were Here: Stories of Love and Mayhem , and the Clearstory Podcast.


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