Episode 7: Avengers – Infinity War

Join in as the Welcome to The Party Pal team dives deeply into the 19th offering from the Marvel Cinematic Universe — Avengers: Infinity War. In one of the nerdiest episodes yet, hosts Michael Shields and Brian Sachson sift through the ashes that remain following the Avengers confrontation with their most powerful enemy to date, the evil Thanos. In the episode Michael and Brian meticulously discuss the Infinity Stones that provide the power to Thanos’ Gauntlet, Thanos’ motives and merits as a supervillian, and what might lie ahead in the forthcoming Avengers 4! Buckle up for a journey that takes you to Xandar, Vormir, Nidavellir, Titan, Wakanda and beyond, in an episode where it is revealed that while one half of the WTTPP duo is wholeheartedly in line with the Avengers, the other is defiantly Team Thanos (hint: it’s Brian!). And remember: all spoilers, all of the time!