Episode 50: A Yorgos Lanthimos Retrospective

In this latest episode of Welcome To The Party Pal, hosts Mitch Lucas and Michael Shields celebrate the eccentric, provocative, and and thought-provoking works of famed Greek film and stage director, producer, and screenwriter Georgios “Yorgos” Lanthimos. Yorgos has received four Academy Award nominations for his work, including Best Foreign Language Film for Dogtooth, Best Original Screenplay for The Lobster (2015), and Best Picture and Best Director for The Favourite (2018). Lanthimos’ dark comedies are rife with weighty themes, feature outstanding casts, and make pointed social commentary on the corrosive effects of greed and power. Focusing in on three of his most heralded films (Dogtooth, The Lobster, and The Favourite), this episode serves as a celebration of a bold visionary and master world-builder whose films find a unique way to both fascinate and disturb.


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