Episode 43: The Women of Action

Welcome To The Party Pal invites you to join in on an in-depth look at an exciting mixture of Hollywood filmmakers on the eve of what appears to be a golden age for female action directors. Inspired by an article by film historian Christian Niedan (who is featured in this episode) entitled “The Women of Action,” this episode celebrates a bounty of talented female directors taking Hollywood by storm. This summer, women will helm all four of this year’s big superhero films — specifically, February’s Birds of Prey (Cathy Yan), May’s Black Widow (Cate Shortland), June’s Wonder Woman 1984 (Patty Jenkins), and November’s Eternals (Chloe Zhao). Beyond this exciting development, women — while under-represented far too often during the film award season — are behind some of the most exciting and poignant films being released today, across all genres. This episode features not only a detailed examination of a slew of Hollywood’s most notable and exciting female film directors, but it also considers the unique challenges female directors face, the possibility that the cinematic community nears the cultural moment when the action film boy’s club is broken up for good, and much, much more.

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