Episode 4: Electric Dreams with Kalen Egan (writer/producer)

The Welcome To The Party Pal team is back at it, this time putting under the microscope the exciting new anthology series now streaming on Amazon titled Electric Dreams. Electric Dreams is a series based on the writings of Philip K. Dick, and in this episode all the splendor of the captivating first season is examined. In order to fully discern all the richness Electric Dreams has to offer, and to dig deep into the origins of the series and get a behind the scenes look at its production, this episode features an interview with one of the executive producers and writers of the series (as well as The Man In The High Castle), Kalen Egan. More than just one of the creative minds involved in bringing Electric Dreams to life, Kalen also works with Electric Shepherd Productions, a production company that works in partnership with Philip K. Dick’s daughter, Isa Dick Hackett, and is dedicated to stewarding and adapting Dick’s vast catalog for television and film projects.