Episode 36: The Lighthouse

Batten down the hatches! Episode 36 of Welcome To The Party Pal travels to a remote island off the coast of New England to examine one of the most original and captivating films of 2019, The Lighthouse. The Lighthouse is an American psychological horror film directed and produced by Robert Eggers, who co-wrote the screenplay with his brother Max Eggers. Shot in black-and-white, the film follows two lighthouse keepers (portrayed by Willem Dafoe & Robert Pattinson) who start to lose their sanity when a storm strands them on the remote island. In this episode your hosts, Michael Shields and Mitch Lucas, marvel at the extremes lengths it took to make this picture come to life, celebrate the tremendous performances found within it, examine the unique and captivating cinematography, and even find time to converse on all the great films in cinematic history that depict a human’s decent into madness.