Episode 2: Phantom Thread

In this episode of Welcome to The Party Pal, Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread is dissected, and its grandeur examined. In the podcast Brian and Michael dive into the themes present in Phantom Thread such as obsession, neurosis, mother issues, love, the desire for control, and shared fetishes, while marveling over the trio of remarkable actors in the film. This is a podcast that journeys many places, as the WTTPP team discuss Adam Sandler films, the eight shots that encompassed Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope, how Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood planted the seed that grew into Phantom Thread in Paul Thomas Anderson’s mind, who the fashion designer is responsible for popularizing the modern man’s suit with a necktie, and just how “LIT” the New Years Eve party that took place in the film was, and much, much more!