The Early Shows


How did Phish go from playing cafeteria gigs at UVM to Madison Square Garden in only 10 years? We start to chart this path by looking at shows from 1983-1986, where intimate venues like Nectar’s and Doolin’s offered the band a chance to practice and refine their live sets. And at the same time, more experimental shows at places like Goddard College allowed the band to push further into the unknown. At the same time, the transition from a two-guitar band to a four-piece with keys, and the introduction of lots of new songs, combined to lay the foundation of Phish’s modern sound. 

In episode two of Undermine, RJ Bee, Jonathan Hart, Matt Dwyer, and Brad TenBrook explore some of Phish’s fundamental shows from 1983-1986, and the songs, venues, and overall sound that developed during these years. 

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