S4E4: 7/25/92 — Shelly Culbertson


In this episode, we keep moving through 1992 and look at one of the most notable shows of the early years—7/25/92, which has an incredible guest appearance by Carlos Santana and his percussionists.

Our guest for this episode is Shelly Culbertson, who worked with former manager John Paluska and Dionysian Productions. Shelly was involved with the early online Phish community, and was the driving force behind Phish Tickets By Mail (PTBM). We talk with Shelly about the growth Phish experienced in these years, and how this tour opening for Santana poured more fuel on the fire for the band’s growth. The Santana sit-in on You Enjoy Myself is must-hear, but the whole set is essential early Phish.


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