S3E3: Setlists

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For as long as Phish fans have gathered to discuss and debate the band, the band’s setlists have been a consistent talking point. What songs are in the rotation, how do jams in typically non-jamming slots affect a show, why were there so many bustouts in a single show, what’s the thematic arc of the show? These topics and more have been analyzed by fans for decades—and we know it’s been thought about extensively by the band as well. By way of The Baker’s Dozen, Phish coalesced nearly 40 years of setlisting experimentations into a single run.


In Undermine S3E3 we dive into the evolution of Phish setlists. Beginning with 1993’s expanding catalog and 1994’s irreverent experimentation, we walk listeners through the band’s approach to crafting setlists based on the muse of the time. We discuss the approach to setlisting that separated the 3.0 era by way of 2012, and how comfortable and confident the band felt playing 13 shows with zero repeats by 2017. Beginning with a snapshot of Federal Donuts, we dive into one of the most unique aspects of The Baker’s Dozen—the songs Phish played.


Undermine is brought to you by Osiris Media. Executive Producers are Tom Marshall, RJ Bee, Brain Brinkman, Matt Dwyer, and Benjy Eisen. Produced and edited by Brian Brinkman. Mixed and Mastered by Matt Dwyer. It is written by Benjy Eisen. Production assistance from Rob Mitchum, Matt Bavuso, Christina Collins and Nick Cejas. Original Music by Amar Sastry. Art by Mark Dowd. Thank you to all our interviewees. We’ll see you next week.


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