S2E10: You’re Already There

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At the onset of the 2020s, Trey Anastasio got stuck on a platform high above MSG. While he played through with humor and grace, the moment would serve as the prelude to a year where we all felt unhinged. For those who were infected by Covid, or lost loved ones, 2020 was a nightmare. For everyone, it was an unexpected pause, marked by tension and a longing for normalcy.


In the Season 2 finale, we explore the last two years, through the lens of Phish. We hear from the Undermine team about our experiences in 2020, how Dinner And A Movie and The Beacon Jams helped us get through the year at home, and then we shift gears to discuss Phish in 2021. We talk about the anxiety of returning to live music, the thrill of hearing the first notes, and how Sci-Fi Soldiers may impact Phish long term. The band gave us a number of unexpected, albeit needed, gifts over the previous two years, proving once again, that if we as a community, simply surrender to the flow, the magic of Phish will prove that you’re already *there*.


Thanks to everyone who has listened, commented, and shared Season 2! We will be back in Spring 2022 with Season 3!


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