Undermine combines the former podcasts Under the Scales, Helping Friendly Podcast and Beyond the Pond into a new weekly show. Undermine will excavate the deep history of the band through interviews, in-depth analysis of the band’s music, and looks at broader musical themes and influences.

Season One focuses on “The Early Years,” Phish’s foundational period of the 1980s. This season will cover the band’s early influences and songwriting, as well as the developing fan culture, the biggest concerts played in that decade, early festival-like shows, and initial travels outside of Vermont to spread the music.

1.0 vets and 4.0 noobs will all learn something new.

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Undermine Episodes
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How did a band with no major label support originate from a small city in the Northern Vermont become one…

Undermine is the definitive Phish podcast. The first season will focus on Phish’s genesis in the 1980s—through deep-dives into the…