079:Two Versions of Me


This is the final Under the Scales episode! We are merging with two other Phish podcasts to form Undermine, a new weekly podcast starting in February 2021.

In this episode, friend and Osiris colleague Mike Finoia joins Tom to discuss the song Two Versions of Me, a Phish song written in 2003.

If you are currently an Under the Scales subscriber, you don’t have to do anything — you will automatically be subscribed to the new podcast Undermine. Otherwise, subscribe NOW to not miss any amazing Phishy, weekly content!

Special Thanks to Mark Dowd – original Producer for Under the Scales, photo artist AND designer of the famous Under the Scales logos over the years.

Thanks to Anna Marshall who sang on both Under the Scales intro-jingles AND was a great guest.

Thanks to Nick Cejas for somehow always getting Under the Scales to bubble up to the top of the Osiris Media social feeds.

Thanks to Christina Collins for exemplary sponsorship and advertising work for Under the Scales.

Thanks to Adam and Kirsten and the Osiris team for overwhelming support and encouragement.

Thanks interns Sammy and Matt for all your hard work!

Thanks to Matt Dwyer for helping me out of tough audio fixes now and again.

Thanks to Jesse Lauter for REALLY saving my bacon TWICE with completely broken interview audio that somehow you magically fixed!

Thanks to Tebo for being there always.

Thanks to Scott Herman for finding the right words.

Thanks to Scott Gray for keeping the dream alive.

Thanks Trey for the music and mystery!

Thanks Beth Rowles on the Phish team for so much help and support.

Thanks Patrick and Jason at Red Light for endless and tireless assistance.

Thanks to my amazing Reefers!

Thanks to my faithful longtime listeners!

Thanks to my brand new listeners and everyone in-between!

Thanks to all the amazing guests who appeared on Under the Scales!

Thanks to RJ Bee for saying “yes, and…” — plus, literally everything else.

Hugs to my family for dealing with living in the same house as a podcaster…it’s not always easy!

It’s been a great ride!

Love, from Tom


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