Under the Scales

A podcast by the longtime songwriter for Phish that explores the rich and complex culture surrounding the band and its devoted fanbase.

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Under the Scales Episodes
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Holly Bowling continues entrancing us with her musical powers…and disassembles my piano!

Holly Bowling stops by the studio to educate us musically — my piano has never sounded better!

The second half of the Benjy Eisen interview in which we cover Phish and Reed Mathis…oh, and life and lyrics.

Benjy Eisen talks about the wonderful book, Deal, he co-wrote with Bill Kreutzmann of the Grateful Dead

Phan Art Pete (Mason) created a vibrant art enterprise which has grown beyond the Phish community where it started. And…

I speak with Phillip Zerbo, co-editor for the incredible Phish Companion Volume 3. Can 30 years fit into 900 pages?

Mike Greenhaus gives us an amazing perspective on how Relix magazine has been involved in and crucial to the jam…

RJ and I talk to Andy Greenberg, guitarist for Phish cover-band Runaway Gin.

Trey Anastasio explains the magic of Paul Languedoc’s guitars to me and Dan Kanter.

Trey Anastasio shares years of guitar insights with me and Dan Kanter.