Episode 8: Escape Goat

Welcome back to Talking Circles – a production of Osiris Media and Umphrey’s McGee. This is a podcast about the making of Asking For A Friend with the members of Umphrey’s McGee. 

In Episode Eight we wrap up our backstage interview with Umphrey’s McGee from Red Rocks. Talking in a circle with the band, we discuss the origins of the song “Escape Goat,” and how it blossomed immediately on stage. We chat about the pressures of the studio, the brilliance of Jake Cinninger nailing guitar solos, and the connection between the band and their fanbase as showcased in this song. Finally we talk about the first two performances of “Escape Goat,” which on back-to-back nights leapt off the stage into unknown musical terrains.

Talking Circles is a production of Osiris Media and Umphrey’s McGee. Audio production by Matt Dwyer. Written and Produced by Brian Brinkman, RJ Bee, and Kevin Browning. Art by Mark Dowd. All interviews and audio used with permission from Umphrey’s McGee.

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