Episode 2: Small Strides

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Welcome back to Talking Circles – a production of Osiris Media & Umphrey’s McGee. This is a podcast about the making of Asking For A Friend with the members of Umphrey’s McGee. 

In Episode Two we’re focusing on the second single from the record, “Small Strides.” Joined again by singer/songwriter Brendan Bayliss and keyboardist Joel Cummins, we dive into the origins of the song from Brendan’s college days, his craftsmanship during the first six months of the pandemic, and how a song can grow from an innocuous joke into an inspired piece of musical discovery. We focus on Cummins’ keyboard wizardry and discuss how, over the course of a year, he layered his keys throughout to give the track the larger than life feel it has. 

Talking Circles is a production of Osiris Media and Umphrey’s McGee. Audio production by Matt Dwyer. Written and Produced by Brian Brinkman, RJ Bee, and Kevin Browning. Art by Mark Dowd. All interviews and audio used with permission from Umphrey’s McGee.

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