Episode 13: Fenced In


Welcome back to Talking Circles – a production of Osiris Media and Umphrey’s McGee. This is a podcast about the making of Asking For A Friend with the members of Umphrey’s McGee.


In Episode Thirteen, we hear Brendan Bayliss talk about “Fenced In,” which was a reaction to the protests of the Summer of 2020, and to the ongoing pandemic. As with a lot of songs, the concept existed for a while, but was brought together by a unique set of circumstances.


Jams which featured early hints of “Fenced In” are featured in this episode. The versions included are:


  • 2012-02-03 Minneapolis (Der Bluten Kat, first jam)
  • 2014-10-25 Grand Rapids (All In Time; lyrical)
  • 2012-05-25 Summer Camp (2×2)


Talking Circles is a production of Osiris Media and Umphrey’s McGee. Audio production by Matt Dwyer. Written and Produced by Brian Brinkman, RJ Bee, and Kevin Browning. Art by Mark Dowd. All interviews and audio used with permission from Umphrey’s McGee.



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