Episode 8: The Story of Guitar Slim (Lawrence Cotton) Part 2

This edition of Trick Bag will pick up from where the last episode left off. We’ll hear another helping stories about Guitar Slim stories from his piano player, Lawrence Cotton. Also featured in this installment are recordings Lawrence made with Guitar Slim, Edgar Blanchard’s Gondoliers and Danny White. 


Just hit Play and let’s take another journey through the golden years of New Orleans rhythm and blues!  



Songs featured in this episode: 


Guitar Slim – Something to Remember You By

Guitar Slim – Certainly All

Edgar Blanchard & the Gondoliers – My Ding-a-Ling

Edgar Blanchard & the Gondoliers – Fuzzy Wuzzy

Edgar Blanchard & the Gondoliers – Bopsody In Blues

Edgar Blanchard & the Gondoliers – Blues Cha Cha

Danny White – I’ve Surrendered

Guitar Slim – If I Had My Life to Live Over

Guitar Slim – When There’s No Way Out

Guitar Slim – Strange Things Happening

Guitar Slim – Plenty Good Room

Guitar Slim – If I Should Lose You

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Lawrence, Kansas 1993-1997