Episode 5: Mardi Gras


Happy Mardi Gras! On this edition of Trick Bag, we’ll get a taste of classic New Orleans Mardi Gras music. Most of these songs received very little to no attention outside of New Orleans, but in the city, they’re considered perennial anthems of Carnival season. If you’re from New Orleans, you should have a blast hearing the stories behind the Mardi Gras classics you’ve been listening to all your life. If you’re not from the city and these songs are new to you, you’re sure to enjoy this exciting musical taste of Mardi Gras in New Orleans!  

Songs played in this episode:

  • Al Johnson – Carnival Time
  • Huey & Curley – At the Mardi Gras
  • Sugar Boy (Crawford) & his Cane Cutters – Jock-A-Mo
  • Bill Sinigal & the Skyliners – Second Line (Part 1)
  • Dave Bartholomew – Carnival Day
  • The Fabulettes – Oh, the Mardi Gras
  • Professor Longhair – Go to the Mardi Gras
  • Ray Brackens – Come On, It’s Carnival
  • Joe Lutcher – Mardi Gras
  • Danny Barker & his Creole Cats – My Indian Red
  • The Hawketts – Mardi Gras Mambo
  • Sammy Harris – King Zulu
  • The Dixie Cups – Iko Iko (acapella version)
  • Huey & Curley – The Second Line
  • Jack Dupree – Yellow Pocahontas
  • Jessie Hill – Mardi Gras
  • Eskew Reeder – Mardi Gras In New Orleans (rehearsal recording)


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