Episode 2: Dr. John Part 2

This episode of Trick Bag concludes our musical journey through the early work of Mac Rebennack, aka Dr. John.  

Tracks Featured in this Episode:

  • Clarence “Frogman” Henry, “Long Lost and Worried”
  • Benny Spellman, “Walk On, Don’t Cry”
  • Bobby Mitchell, “There’s Only One Of You”
  • Mac Rebennack, “Good Times”
  • Johnny Fairchild,  “A Fool Or a Wise Man”
  • Shirley and Jessie, “You Can’t Fight Love”
  • Mac Rebennack and Ronnie Barron, “My Key Don’t Fit”
  • Johnny Adams, “Who’s Gonna Love You?”
  • Tommy Ridgley, “Heavenly” 
  • Morgus & the Ghouls, “Morgus The Magnificent”
  • Alvin “Shine” Robinson, “Empty Talk”
  • Jerry Byrne, “Raining”
  • Dorian Burton, “Love Bank”
  • Marcel and the Exiles, “Castro Mash”
  • Ben E. King, “She Knows What to Do For Me”
  • Ronnie Barron, “Did She Mention My Name?”
  • Johnny Adams, “A Losing Battle”
  • Jimmie Dale,  “My Pride & Joy”
  • Roland Stone, “Remember That”
  • Wilson Pickett, “Lord Pity Us All”
  • Mamie Lee, “The Show is Over”


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