Episode 1: Dr. John Part 1


Osiris Media proudly presents Trick Bag, the place to be for classics and rare gems from the early days of rock ‘n’ roll. Trick Bag is hosted by disc jockey and R&B aficionado Neil Pellegrin and is inspired by his weekly radio show on WWOZ in New Orleans, where he spins vintage tracks (and the occasional hit) from the mid-20th century and celebrates some of the most electrifying and soulful sounds ever recorded. 

This first episode comes in two parts and spans the early years of the legendary Mac Rebennack, better known by his stage name Dr. John. Before reinventing himself as Dr. John in the late ‘60s, Mac combined R&B, rock and other ingredients from his native New Orleans into a musical gumbo that excited music fans in and around the city and laid the foundation for his future as a major force in the music world.   

In this episode, we’ll hear Mac’s prolific early work as a frontman, session player, songwriter, and producer, and see the breadth of his impact on the music of New Orleans in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s.

Tracks Featured in this Episode:

  • Johnny Adams, “Come On” 
  • Sugarboy Crawford, “Have A Little Mercy”
  • Chuck Carbo, “Out On A Limb”
  • Ronnie (Barron) & the Delinquents, “Bad Neighborhood”
  • Roland Stone, “Something Special”
  • T.B. Fisher, “Don’t Change Your Mind”
  • Frankie Ford, “Watch Dog”
  • Johnny Adams, “The Bells Are Ringing”
  • Lee Dorsey, “Ay-La-Ay”
  • Mac Rebennack, “Foolish Little Girl”
  • Art Neville, “What’s Going On”
  • Bat Carroll, “Aw Who”
  • Leonard James, “Lampoon”
  • Joe Barry, “Loneliest Boy In Town”
  • Big Boy Myles, “Who Can I Turn To”
  • Jerry Byrne, “Lights Out”
  • Roland Stone, “Desert Winds”
  • Barbara Lynn, “You Can’t Be Satisfied”
  • Mac Rebennack, “Storm Warning”
  • Johnny Adams, “Operator”
  • Jimmy Clanton, “Ship on a Stormy Sea”
  • Ronnie Barron, “The Grass Looks Greener Yonder”
  • Chuck Carbo, “Picture of You”
  • Jerry McGee, “Twilight Zone”


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