12 – Bobby Mitchell (Part 1)

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Try Rock and Roll – A Rare Interview with Bobby Mitchell (Part 1) 

In this episode, Neil the Night Howler shares an extremely rare interview with New Orleans R&B man Bobby Mitchell. Bobby’s recording career started in 1953 and spanned only a decade, but in that short time, he undoubtedly left his mark. The recordings he made are beloved in New Orleans. He enjoyed many regional successes and found national fame with 1956’s “Try Rock and Roll.” His original rendition of “I’m Gonna Be a Wheel Someday” landed him a spot on American Bandstand in 1958. By the mid ’60s, Bobby’s career was in decline. He retired from music, went to college and soon found success as an X-ray pathologist. Bobby Mitchell passed away on March 17, 1989 at the age of 53.  

New Orleans music historian Rick Coleman recorded an interview with Bobby in the early ’80s. Rick was gracious enough to share this very rare interview with Neil for use on this program. In Part One of this two-part series, Bobby will take us from his upbringing in the Algiers section of New Orleans to the height of his success as a record star in the mid ’50s when he encouraged America to “Try Rock and Roll!”  

Trick Bag is presented by Osiris Media. Hosted and Produced by Neil Pellegrin. Produced by Kirsten Cluthe. Edited by Matt Dwyer and Justin Thomas (Revoice Media). Executive produced by Patrick Mitchell (EAC Productions). Artwork by Liz Bee.

Music in this episode:

Rack ‘Em Back

Angel Child

4 – 11 = 44 [sic]

Baby’s Gone

Sister Lucy

The Wedding Bells Are Ringing

School Boy Blues

Meant for Me

I’m a Young Man

Nothing Sweet As You

I Wish I Knew

Try Rock and Roll

You Are My Angel

No, No, No

Goin’ Round In Circles

I’ve Got My Fingers Crossed 

I Try So Hard 


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