E066 – I Remember When, with Ted and Andy


E066 – I Remember When w/Ted Kartzman and Andy Gadiel – In this episode we inaugurate “I Remember When,” a new segment commemorating some of the greatest moments in the Disco Biscuits’ history. We kick things off with the story of the band’s impromptu show on May 31, 1999, as recounted by the men who staged it: Ted Kartzman and Andy Gadiel.

Ted and Andy have been active members in the jamband community since before the term “jamband” was even in widespread use. Ted was originally a classmate of the Biscuits at the University of Pennsylvania. Andy was responsible for creating some of the first websites dedicated to jambands during the world wide web’s embryonic phase. Together they launched jambase.com, which since 1998 has served as a clearinghouse for information about live music and touring bands. But first and foremost, Ted and Andy are lifelong friends and fans of the Disco Biscuits who have been present for or participated in many of the most momentous episodes in the band’s history.

Ted and Andy walk us through the genesis of the online jamband community, their early experiences seeing the Biscuits, and the series of events leading up to their last-second decision to book the band into the tiny back room of their favorite Chicago bar. Ted and Andy were more than just eye witnesses on musical history; they were and remain catalysts and connectors dedicated to sharing their passion for live music with the world. As such, they have unique perspectives to share on the evolution of the Biscuits’ music and scene and the bubble of positivity that has enveloped the band during its current renaissance.

We all have our own histories with the Disco Biscuits, and Touchdowns All Day wants to hear your stories. If you have a memory of a specific show or tour that you’d like to share on the podcast, reach out and we might use it in a future installment of I Remember When. Share your story with Max on Instagram or X, of call the TDAD hotline, 424-666-SIYD, and make sure to leave your name and tell us where you’re calling from!

On July 4-6 The Disco Biscuits make their triumphant return to Lafayette, NY for the second BISCOLAND festival. Tickets are on sale now, and they’re moving fast! Check out the festival website for more information, including the jam-packed lineup!

This episode of Touchdowns All Day features excerpts from the following jams:

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