E052 – JAMCEPTION with Barber and Joey Friedman


E052- JAMCEPTION – Max joins the Disco Biscuits’ chief songwriting partners Jon Barber and Joey Friedman in the studio to discuss the three new songs the band debuted over the New Year’s Run: Dino Baby, Ring the Doorbell Twice, and Fire Will Exchange. Together they cover the band’s approach to collective on-stage composition; the jams the songs are based on; the meanings behind Joey’s lyrics; and the technology that makes it all possible. Barber breaks the songs down to their constituent elements, isolating the individual instruments and shedding light on the studio techniques that allow him to transform the Disco Biscuits’ most exciting jams into new songs. It’s an unprecedented view into how the Bisco magic gets made, and it’s only here on Touchdowns All Day.

The Disco Biscuits embark on the nationwide Why We Dance Tour on January 25, 2024, at the Crystal Bay Casino in Crystal Bay, NV. For tour dates and ticket sales, including special VIP packages, check out http://discobiscuits.com/site/shows/.

Photo credit: Tara Gracer

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