The Evolve Episode 

Welcome to TDAD w/ me, your host, Jon Barber! It’s fabolous to be here with you. We are back w/ another episode. Prepping for this big tDB / UM tour & City Bisco. There’s a lot to talk about! We are looking for sponsors if you know anyone.

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@Barbershreds Live at the Ardmore – 7/7/22

MB – Marlon B Lewis !!!!

Lloyd Alexander 

Keppler Keppler 

UPCOMING DATES (There’s a lot of ‘em & prob. More to come): Let us know what shows you’re gonna be @ tdad on twitter

  • 6/12 Essex Junction, VT @Champlain Valley Expo w/ UM
  • 6/23 Rothbury, MI @E-Forest
  • 6/30-7/3 High Sierra Music Fest in Quincy, CA 
  • 8/11 E. Durham, NY @ THE Catskill Mtn. Jubilee @ Blackthorne Mtn. Resort
  • 9/18 INDY @ TCU Amphitheater w/ UM 
  • 9/19 Maryland Heights, MO @ St. Louis Music Park w/ UM
  • 9/20 Pelham, TN @CAVERNS w/ UM
  • 9/21 Pelham, TN @CAVERNS w/ UM

Today We will be listening to:

  1. Evolve @ Caverns (in Cave) on 11/20/21
  2. 7/11 > Evolve @ Mission on 4/8/22
  3. 42 > Evolve @ Mission on 4/8/22


Fan Question from CM & RG3 – 

Let’s hear about “Evolve” Where did it come from? How was it created? The evolution of the song? Your thoughts about the Sound? Is it a banger? 

Special THX – Aron Magner & the entire tDB organization.

@aronmagner on Twitter https://twitter.com/aronmagner/status/1512714176703217671?s=21&t=14nC5AI5Qc1nEBNliKuStA

“We learned how to harness different powers through our explorations with TractorBeam. “Evolve” was written as a means to get us to separate from our training wheels and be confident again in our collective voice.”

 @aronmagner on twitter in RE: to Renegade Ryan – “ The Caverns we intentionally added that secondary melody to begin to play around with it. Both melodies play really nicely together in the “studio” version. Live however, I think we’re still dialing that in. Which is all part of the fun.”

Thanks, Aron. Always great to hear from you. Let’s kick out some more jams

So, yeah, that wraps another Touchdowns all day. Me, The Band, The Crew, UM, Crunky, We are all really looking forward to seeing you all on tour this summer where there will be Touchdowns All Night every night. Talk to us #TouchdownsAllDay & Look out for our HUGE Karina Rykman double episode dropping real soon. B4L.

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