E041 Vegas Jams from The Brooklyn Bowl

Yes, fellow Biscuits 4 Lifers, it is time for another fabulous episode of the Touchdowns All Day podcast w/ your host, Jon Barber. We’ve got a few crankers picked out for you today & we hope that you enjoy Barber’s Breakdowns of the recent The Disco Biscuits concert @ The Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas, NV. The Band is firing on all cylinders & playing some of the most epic shows of their 27 year history. What a time to be alive!!!


The podcast that would rather be fat, then run shirtless on a road.


Welcome to TDAD Episode 41 – VEGAS JAMS

Today we have 3 jams from a “Hot One” in Vegas on 10/29/21 @The Brooklyn Bowl for your re-listening pleasure. Also, check out the shows on the Nugs.net streaming platform. The 10/29 show we are listening to right now is available in the Nugs.net streaming subscription and also for purchase on Nugs.

  1. Mindless Dribble > Spacebirdmatingcall
  2. Astronaut > Running
  3. Abraxas

Disco Biscuits Upcoming Touchdowns

November 26-27 at the Wellmont Theatre in Montclair, NJ – def will sell out  

Dec 4-8 at Caribbean Holidaze – sold out 

Dec 30-31 Fillmore PHILLY NYE – Anotha’ ONE

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“So how to get out of…

Livin’ in the public eye?”

  • Aron Magner “Spy”

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