E038 – Showtime @ The Drive-In > 10/19/20

Everyone’s favorite shredder THE @BarberShreds is back in his weekly time slot to bring you the latest episode of the “Touchdowns All Day w/ Jon Barber” Podcast. We Rippin’ E038 LIVE TONIGHT on 3/11/21 @10pm EST from the studio.

Tonight, we will be taking a look back @ the 2nd set of The Disco Biscuits Drive-in Concert in Yarmouth, MA on October 19th, 2020. What an amazing set it was. Let’s dive in and check it out together.

Monday Morning Quarterbackin’ with the GOAT, Jon Barber. He will go all the way!

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10/19/20 – Set 2:

Bernstein And Chasnoff – 2,3

Orch Theme

Story Of The World

The Great Abyss – 4

Story Of The World

2 – dyslexic version (ending first, then beginning)

3 – with ‘The Moon Level Theme (Ducktales)’ teases

4 – inverted version


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