E012 – CAMP BISCO 2019 – PART 2

@BarberShreds is fired up about the upcoming Disco Biscuits show announcements & the life his fans have given his podcast. Part 2 of Barber’s Breakdowns from Camp feature hand-picked jams from Saturday’s sets of the 2019 Camp Bisco Festival. This episode features a reunion with former drummer Sam Altman in a jazzy version of Magellan & Jon Barber playing like he has something to prove. “Take of the fruit, but guard the seed.” — Led Zeppelin

7-20-2019 – Magellan Jam with Sammy

7-20-2019 – Spraypaint > Sample Has a Name

7-20-2019 – Spacebird > Astronaut

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“Lets go with it, let’s see what happens!” — Jon Barber

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