A Tribute to Robert Hunter


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@BarberShreds  is back  and dedicating this one to the “Muhammad Ali” of lyricists, Robert Hunter of The Grateful Dead. His lyrics are etched in all of our souls and we have a responsibility  to honor this great man.

In the words of one of his closest friends, Jim Lauderdale,  Robert was, “A lion – strong, gentle, humble, fierce, protective of your family, determined, of great character, a genius who never stopped learning and always wanted to learn and discover more.”

Featuring :

  • Robert Hunter – 2013 Americana Music Honors  Awards – Ryman Auditorium, Nashville,
  • Disco Biscuits –  Billy And The Kids – Scarlet Begonias  I Know You Rider – 5/15/15 Merriweather Post Pavilion
  • Disco Biscuits – Astronaut Jam 2/3/2017 – The Fillmore, Philadelphia, PA
  • Disco Biscuits – Helicopters 4/30/1999 – Wetlands Preserve , New York, NY  –

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The podcast that owes it all to Robert Hunter.

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