Black Sabbath – Sabotage | The audio documentary

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Sabotage is the sixth studio album by metal pioneers Black Sabbath, released in 1975. It was recorded in the midst of litigation with their former manager Patrick Meehan. The stress that resulted from the band’s ongoing legal woes infiltrated the recording process, inspiring the album’s title.

This documentary looks at all the drama surrounding the band at the time and how shady managers took advantage of Sabbath’s kind nature. The video also examines every song on the album and offers up unearthed facts some fans may have never known.

– Intro

– Writing and Recording Sabotage

– The Tale of the Mangers

– Why Sabbath needed to break away from their first manager

– Don Arden’s thugs

– Jimmy Page gets Threatened

– Don Arden making moves

– The introduction to Patrick Meehan Jr.

– Jim Simpson sues the band

– Some Sabbath Success

– Sabbath starts to crack

– Tony Iommi collapses

– A religious freak tries to stab Tony

– Manipulation by Management

– California Jam Festival

– Quotes from Ozzy/Geezer/Tony on Meehan

– The dark reality of their finances

– The worst part

– Does Sabbath even need a manager?

– Don Arden comes back

– The shadow cast from Patrick Meehan

– Crap Compilations

– Meehan robbing Sabbath

– Sabbath is beginning to fracture

– Crank it up! “Hole in the Sky”

– “Don’t Start (Too Late)”

– Symptom of the Universe

– “Megalomania”

– “Thrill of It All”

– “Supertzar”

– “Am I Going Insane (Radio)”

– “The Writ”

– The band Queen diss track

– “Blow on the Jug”

– The Making of Sabotage’s Album cover

– Reception of Sabotage

– One more stick in the gut by Meehan

– Closing thoughts

– Who made this video?


Editor/Writer/Voice/Producer: Alan Berry


Mark Enochs

Jason C, aka Godshifter

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