#57 Joey Ramones (The Ramones) interview 1988

In this episode, we have the Ramones’ frontman, Joey Ramone. At the time of this interview in 1988, Ramone was 37 years old and was in Japan for a tour.

In the interview, Ramone talks about whether he considers The Ramones a punk band, the most exciting time in music history, how most bands lack originality, and whether rock and roll have paid him back for all of The Ramones’ contributions. 

The interview is conducted by Steve Harris. To learn more about Steve, please check out our podcast-only interview with him, which is out now. You can find the podcast at thetapesarchive.com.

In the interview, Ramone talks about:

  • The distinctive sound of The Ramones
  • How most bands lack originality
  • The most exciting period for music
  • His admiration for David Byrne
  • What The Ramones did with their influences
  • Why he loved The New York Dolls
  • His thoughts on David Johansen
  • Whether he considers The Ramones a punk band
  • Whether he considers himself a punk
  • How the Ramones are commercial without trying to be commercial
  • How he feels about bands like Bon Jovi and Poison
  • Whether there is a flaw in the kids that likes that type of music
  • How The Ramones are a multi-dimensional band
  • Why they wrote “Bonzo Goes To Bitburg” and participated in “Sun City”
  • Ramones Aid
  • Whether decades from now will he be still singing “Blitzkrieg Bop”
  • Why the Rolling Stones can go on forever
  • How The Ramones are always changing
  • His reaction to hearing that The Ramones are a big influence in Japan
  • Whether he thinks rock and roll has sufficiently paid him back for all The Ramones’ contributions

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