#56 Brad Delp (Boston) 1978 | The first known interview with Delp

YT Brad Delp Interview copy

A never-before-published and first known interview with Boston’s original singer Brad Delp.

At the time of this interview in 1978, Delp was 27 years old and was in the midst of recording Boston’s second record.

Two years earlier, Boston released what would become the best-selling debut album of all time until Guns ‘N Roses’ first album.

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In the interview, Delp talks about how the second album is coming along, if the band Boston is a democracy, his feelings on a recent insult from Elvis Costello, and his self-doubt.

00:00 – Intro

01:04 – Where is the new album? (Start of interview)

01:42 – The flooding of Tom Scholz’s basement

02:59 – Whether the band has recorded any new songs

04:28 – What happens when Tom gets a song idea

05:22 – How the record company feels about a two-year delay between albums

06:51 – Whether he was surprised by the success of the first album

07:17 – His self-doubt

08:45 – The history of Boston and how he got involved in the band

10:40 – The cover songs they played

11:08 – His love for the Beatles

12:42 – How they got signed to Epic Records

14:59 – What type of record deal they got

16:14 – Their “horrendous” early concerts

17:16 – Playing with Black Sabbath

17:59 – What his thoughts on Elvis Costello saying about Boston, “They may sell 9 million records, but they’re about as exciting as a plate of tripe.”

19:21 – Looking up to Rick Derringer

20:40 – How many overdubs were made on the first album

22:03 – What kind of an audience Boston has

23:30 – How the Beatles got him into music

24:16 – Whether the band Boston is a democracy


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