#53 Roger Daltrey (The Who) 1994 Interview

YT Roger Daltrey Interview copy (1)

A never-before-published interview with guitarist Roger Daltrey from 1994.

In the interview, Daltrey talks about:

  • Whether he has gotten his due from his solo albums
  • Which album was a writing breakthrough for him
  • Why he thinks fans have a hard time accepting him outside of The Who
  • What’s great about The Who’s music
  • Why The Who isn’t touring
  • How hard it is singing Who songs
  • How anger changes in middle age
  • If he feels competitive with Pete Townshend
  • If he knew Townshend was competing with him
  • How Tommy really became a hit record
  • Why Townshend is the way he is about The Who
  • Why it was a constant struggle to make more records
  • How he feels everyone in the band but Pete did not get the recognition they deserved
  • The chemistry in the band
  • What was something he was proud of from the Carnegie Hall gig
  • Playing with the Spin Doctors on the Dave Letterman show.
  • How his upcoming concert differs from the Carnegie Hall show
  • What Townshend said to him after the Carnegie show
  • The challenges with the Carnegie Hall concert
  • The bad sound at Carnegie Hall
  • When he knew he was going to take the show on the road
  • Whether he ever considered hitting the road with a three-member rock band
  • Whether they considered playing Woodstock ‘94
  • The story of how he started spinning the microphone
  • How the music biz is so “bloody corporate”
  • Whether he thinks he will ever just sit back and relax
  • Whether he goes to see his contemporaries in concert
  • Whether he worries he’s going to disappoint fans
  • Why didn’t the Who do encores


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