#49 Paul Barrere (Little Feat) 1992 Interview

A never-before-published interview with guitarist Paul Barrere from 1992.

In this episode, we have Little Feat guitarist Paul Barrere. At the time of this interview in 1992, Barrere was 44 years old and was promoting Little Feat’s upcoming concert at Deer Creek Music Center. In the interview, Barrere talks about his fond memories of Little Feat founder Lowell George, how well the band is playing, and what bugs him about the music biz.

In the interview, Barrere talks about:

  • Co-headlining with George Thorogood
  • Classic blues songs he loves to play
  • Why Little Feat will never be accused of being an alt-rock band
  • How he doesn’t want to be the “Vinny Van Gogh” of the radio
  • Their rockin’ set
  • Friendly competition with George Thorogood
  • His new record label
  • The joy of playing with Little Feat
  • Fond memories of playing with Lowell George
  • Theories on why Little Feat has never become a major commercial act
  • What bugs him about the music business
  • His favorite lyric about love


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