#45 Rick Wakeman (Yes) 1999 Interview

A never before published interview with Rick Wakeman of Yes from 1999.

In the interview, Wakeman talks about:

  • Going on the 700 Club
  • Why he did not go out with Yes’s last tour
  • How he has never stopped making records
  • Being homeless
  • Working with independent labels
  • Owning up to your own truths
  • What he should have done to hold onto his money
  • The cost of making his new album
  • Working with Ozzy Osbourne
  • How Return to the Center of the Earth compares with his new record
  • What he learned from King Crimson’s Robert Fripp
  • The genre of Art Rock
  • Who’s better — Keith Emerson or Rick Wakeman
  • His upcoming tour with Emerson
  • Who would be in his dream band 
  • The cost of touring in the 90’s
  • The cost of touring in the 70’s
  • His lows in the 80’s

In this episode, we have one of prog rock’s greatest keyboardists, Rick Wakeman. At the time of this interview in 1999, Wakeman was 50 years old and was promoting his new album, “Return to the Center of Earth.” In the interview, Wakeman talks about being homeless, who’s better — Keith Emerson or him — what he learned from Robert Fripp, and owning up to your own truths.


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