#045 Hank Aaron (Baseball Icon) 1995 Interview

A never before published interview with Hank Aaron from 1995.

In the interview, Aaron talks about:

  • His job at CNN
  • His involvement with the documentary Chasing the Dream
  • How much of the film was accurate
  • How he wants people to remember him
  • Speaking out on things that are wrong in the world
  • How people are uncomfortable with the truth
  • If he was able to enjoy his accomplishments 
  • If we have made progress on race issues in the United States
  • The respect he had for Malcolm X
  • Playing for the Indianapolis Clowns
  • His humility 
  • His top salary and current ballplayers salaries
  • What we have to do to get kids playing baseball
  • His hunger to play baseball

In this episode, we feature baseball icon, Hank Aaron. At the time of this interview in 1995, Aaron was 61 years old and was promoting the upcoming premiere of the documentary based on his life, “Chasing the Dream.” In the interview, Aaron talks about his hunger to play baseball, the importance of speaking up about wrong in the world, and how he wants to be remembered.


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