#028 Peter Buck (R.E.M.)

A never before published interview with Peter Buck (R.E.M.) 1989

In the interview, Buck talks about:

  • Is R.E.M. commercial or inaccessible
  • If the album Green is supposed to be uplifting
  • Why he is angrier than ever
  • His love for Lou Reed
  • The misunderstanding of Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA”
  • The trappings of success
  • The early days in R.E.M.
  • State of radio at the time
  • How R.E.M. picks where to record
  • Why Athens, Georgia, was a hotbed for bands at the time
  • Paying cash for a new Jeep

In this episode, we have R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck. At the time of this interview in 1989, Buck was 33 years old and was starting to tour for the band’s sixth album, “Green.” In the interview, Buck talks about the early days of R.E.M., his love for Lou Reed, the trappings of success, and whether R.E.M.’s music is commercial or inaccessible.


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