#027 Keith Emerson (Emerson/Lake/Palmer) 1992

A never before published interview with Keith Emerson from 1992

– In the interview Emerson talks about:

– How technology has changed the way he plays

– If it felt right getting back together with ELP

– How the reunion came to be

– Why he thinks he was overlooked as a solo artist

– The stigma attached to keyboardist

– How ELP pioneered the classical rock movement

– If he felt competitive with other contemporary keyboardists

– How he felt that ELP was not a rock band

– How ELP came to play Pictures at an Exhibition

– His thoughts on rap music

In this episode, we have arguably the best keyboardist in rock music history, Keith Emerson. At the time of this interview in 1992, Emerson was 48 years old and was embarking on a reunion tour with his old bandmates, Greg Lake and Carl Palmer. In the interview, Keith talks about how Emerson, Lake, and Palmer came to play Pictures at an Exhibition, the stigma of being a keyboardist, and his belief that ELP was not a rock band.


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