#026 Little Richard 2000

A never before published interview with Little Richard from the year 2000

In the interview Little Richard talks about:

– Who he really wanted to play him in the movie

– His desire that you understanding him

– Why he wore make-up

– If he considers himself gay

– Whether he ever wore a bra

– How he was the first African American to be on white radio

– What’s accurate and not accurate in the movie

– How his Daddy beat him

– And more…

In this episode, we have one of the pioneers of rock and roll–the recently departed Little Richard. At the time of this interview in the year 2000, Richard was 67 years old and was promoting the TV movie based on his life called “Little Richard.” In the interview, Richard talks about why he wore make-up, if he considers himself gay, how he was the first African American to be on white radio, and how he discovered the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and, The Rolling Stones


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