#024 Les Claypool (Primus) 1994

A never before published interview with Primus’ Les Claypool 1994.

In the interview Claypool talks about:

  • Why Rush and Primus makes for a good concert
  • The hardest bass line for him when he first started
  • What made him wanna play bass
  • His bass technique 
  • Headlining Lollapalooza 
  • Pork Soda
  • Best Buy and Primus
  • His record label Prawn Song Records

In this episode, we have Primus’s frontman and bassist, Les Claypool. At the time of this interview in 1994, Claypool was 31 years old and was promoting his band’s fourth album Pork Soda. In the interview, Les talks about what made him wanna play the bass, headling Lollapalooza, the parallels of Rush and Primus, and his record label.

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