#023 Kurt Vonnegut 2000

Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut

A never before published interview with America author Kurt Vonnegut from 2000.

In the interview Vonnegut talks about:

– If technological progress has been good.

– His love for the ACLU.

– Posting the ten commandments in schools.

– If he believes in God.

– His affection for Indianapolis.

– Being captured by the Germans in WWII.

In this episode, we have American Author Kurt Vonnegut. At the time of this interview, Vonnegut was 77 years old and was in Indianapolis for an ACLU fundraising event. In this wide-ranging interview, Vonnegut talks about freedom of speech and censorship, civil rights and war, God and religion, ethical suicide parlors and dying.

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